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The Advantages Of Stretch Wrappers For Shipping Merchandise

The Advantages Of Stretch Wrappers For Shipping Merchandise

Shipping merchandise from the factory and warehouse to a distributor or buyer might be frustrating for some companies, not to mention detrimental to their distribution costs. Shipping merchandise safely and successfully to their destination is usually a real problem for companies.

Pallets that are hand-unitized and loosely stacked can shift and topple in transit, damaging the product. Rain, snow, and other weather components can destroy packaging and wreck the contents. Companies can minimize these points and lower their prices using protective stretch film applied with stretch wrapping machines and or in some applications with machine shrink wrap film and shrink equipment.

Forward-thinking firms recognize the advantages of purchasing stretch wrapping and shrink wrap equipment. Shrink equipment will shrink film for bundling, defending, containing and unitizing. Stretch wrappers improve pallet load handling, increase worker efficiency, and raise workplace safety. Most of all, they help make sure that the company's products arrive safely at their destination.

Stretch wrapping offers superior safety for a company's products. Stretch wrap loads are more safe; opaque films conceal contents; stretch films shield the contents from dirt, mud, and moisture; and UVI films defend merchandise from UV rays.

The highly elastic, protecting stretch film used with stretch wrapping machines can replace more expensive pallet packaging, like strapping, corrugated wrap, and heat shrink film. Pallet wrap film is recyclable and there may be and rising number of bio degradable hand wrap and machine wrap films that carry out well for various applications. Aside from the biodegradable options, operations may also reduce impact on the surroundings with securing higher performance machines and films that require less film and create less waste.

Very often the important thing to an efficient and cost-effective pallet wrapping system is the machine itself.

Lantech is the business leader in wrapping pallets. The corporate's founder, Pat Lancaster, invented the primary turntable stretch wrapper within the early 1970s. Twenty years later, the corporate transformed right into a Lean enterprise, dedicated to creating more worth with less.

Lantech produces a number of; high quality, price-effective pallet wrapping machines. Normal function stretch wrappers are designed for many pallet loads. Overhead straddle fashions are perfect for liquids and corrosive materials. Horizontal fashions are custom-constructed for heavy loads. Many factors should be considered when looking to buy a pallet wrapping system to make sure it meets operations unique wants, application and goals.

The everyday general function stretch wrapper clients wrap less than one hundred loads per day. Their loads are irregular formed, and the company uses a forklift or pallet jack to load the stretch wrapper.

Overhead straddle stretch wrappers are designed for tall, lightweight, and unstable loads. They can also be used for merchandise too heavy to rotate on a turntable system. The everyday buyer wraps as much as a hundred loads per hour.

Clients who use horizontal pallet wrapping machines wrap heavy loads that will not match on a turntable system. Their products could require banding, compression, or extra packing for shipment. Horizontal fashions cut material costs and reduce damage during shipment.